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Clay Band Cretata Arnica

Clay Band Cretata Arnica


The Clay Band Arnica system offers a unique way to provide a beneficial compress for horses’ shins. Made with a breathable, durable and reusable textile bandage with a layer of clay, emulsified with rich natural plant extracts of ARNICA MONTANA in a high concentration of 36% of active extracts of arnica, 60% of active kaolin, 96% of active components.

It is ready for use in a re-sealable bag.

HOW TO USE: open gently the fabric and place the clay side on the desired part. Massage the bandage until the product is evenly spread in the area to be treated. Leave the bandage for a minimum of 2 hours, ideal if placed in the evening and left to act the whole night * (* check that it does not bother the horse). Thanks to the special breathable fabric, the clay will dry slowly over time.

REUSE: If you want to reuse the bandage (once or twice) after removal, you can rinse the fabric with warm water and once it is clean leave it to dry. When the bandage is dry you can wet it with water, wring it out and coat it homogeneously with about 200 gr of CLAY PASTE WITH ARNICA and place the bandage on the part to be treated. When you reuse the bandage newly coated with the Clay Paste, apply it immediately on the horse. Caution: apply to intact skin, free of wounds or irritations.

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