Products and phytotherapeutic complementary feed for horses

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Liniment for the horse’s muscles, tendons and joints.

It contains 90% of Arnica Montana extracts, since, thanks to our patented system using of herbal hydrolats, we use the arnica hydrolat as the main gel ingredient, whichis very effective in synergie with the essential oils and the mother tincture of the Arnica Montana.

Thanks to the peppermint-oil, it conveys a feeling of freshness and relax. Super-concentrated, very effective, in the form of a soft, colorless gel, which is very quickly absorbed by the skin.

Thanks to Arnica extracts in alcohol, water and glycerine, it contains 90% of Arnica active extracts.

It contains Mint essential oil, thyme and sage extracts. Arnica montana: Spontaneous herbaceous plant that generally grows in the mountains at over 1200 meters.

The active substances are contained in its flowers.

USE: Apply the gel, massage for 2- 3 minutes. If possible wrap with a paper towel.
WARNING: Do not bind with domopack or plastic. If necessary, bind with paper towels or cotton, without compressing the affected part.

COMPONENTS: Arnica Montana extract in water, Arnica Montana glycolic extract, Arnica Montana extract in alcohol, sodium, glycerin, glycol, castor oil, peppermint essential oil, sage glycolic extract, thyme glycolic extract phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol.

Italian product packaged by Azienda Agricola Officinalis ®. Cosmetics and cultivation of organic officinal plants.

90% of active Arnica extracts

  • Extracted in water
  • Alcohol Extract
  • Glycerine Extract
  • Enhanced extract*

Total Arnica extracts 90%

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