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Rose Shine

Rose Shine

With the delicacy and fragrance of rose petals, ROSE SHINE has detangling and glossy effect on mane and tail. It can be used on clean, washed hair (ideal) or not. It can be used frequently while maintaining soft and shiny mane and tail. It is recommended to comb the hair gently spraying firstly Rose Shine, waiting 2-3 minutes and then comb. Horses are greedy of rosebuds and love their perfume. The essential oil of rose has a healing, antiseptic, toning and relaxing effect. Combined with the extracts of Echinacea it enhances its disinfectant and cleaning effect. Famous Rose water to tone and cleanse the skin.

INSTRUCTIONS: Spray the lotion on main and tail from a distance of 7 to 12 inches (20-30 cm). Wait for1-2 minutes and brush mane and tail the hair smoothly in the direction of growth.

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