Products and phytotherapeutic complementary feed for horses

Products for Horses

In this section you will find the list of categories of natural products for horses Officinalis. Click on each category to see products, complementary feed and cosmetics

Natural cosmetics for horsesNatural cosmetics for horses

Natural cosmetics clean and sanitize the skin and the coat of the horse also without rinsing.

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Protective HorsesProtective Horses

Horse’s coat is rich in sebum, and in summer, if the horse is not clean, the skin becomes oily and the coat dull and the odor attracts flying insects. Protective line against flyinfg insects.

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Natural cookies for horsesNatural cookies for horses

Unique and tasty natural cookies for horses with vegetables and fruit: a delicious and unforgettable treat.

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Salt roll LollyrollSalt roll Lollyroll

Lollyroll is a salt roll created to satisfy the nutritional and mineral needs of horses. It is both salty and sweet, because it contains sea salt and pieces of fruit.

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Grease Cream for HoofGrease Cream for Hoof

The hoof is the horse’s fingernail and, like a human nail, it is made of two types of tissue: the outer hoof capsule and deeper inner parts. Products for Care & Maintenance of Hooves.

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D.E.R. OfficinalisD.E.R. Officinalis

The Recurrent Summer Dermatitis (D.E.R.) is a disease of allergic origin.

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Leathercare productsLeathercare products

Leather care products for caring and cleaning saddles and harnesses,

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